August 1, 2016

Dear Local RTA/REA Presidents:

I want to give each of you a BIG THANK YOU for all you do at the local level for IRTA and your own local association. As I travel to your locals, I always walk away excited to be working for all of you. Educators are such great people, fun to be around and do so much for their communities even in retirement. That is why IRTA focuses on how we can support and help our retired educators.

Our goal is to keep you as leaders updated on what is going on at the state level in the legislative arena, state retirement system, member benefits, educational opportunities, etc. The best way is to check our website (www.retiredteachers.org) routinely and to friend us on Facebook and/or Twitter. We have informational Blogs and Webcasts being posted on our website at regular intervals. We will also email or send letters when appropriate about legislative actions and other important information.

Our state committees do great work, and I see more being done, more involvement, and more information getting to our membership. We want our members involved and informed so that they understand what we stand for and what we try to accomplish for them.

I am attaching and sending our newest benefit lists from IRTA and AMBA.

Please suggest and push all your local members to become IRTA state members. Using just one of the state benefits will more than pay for a year’s membership. We are a membership driven association and the legislature sees/thinks votes when I talk about our members.

With that said, here are some thoughts and information as we kick off this


  • Membership A chance to reward yourself for getting colleagues and friends to join IRTA. For 5 new members that you sign up, IRTA will send you a $25 gift card. To receive credit for your recruits: you can simply place your name on applicatio     n in an open space; or if they sign-up online they can put your name in the information box at the bottom of application; or you can collect the sign-up forms and checks then mail them in to the IRTA office with your name in the envelope and get the credit. If you get the most new members signed up in the entire state, you will win a $100 gift card that you will receive in May.
  • Active Teacher Active Teacher Grants are due to the office by the end of September. You have an attached hard copy of the grant and it is also on our website. Grant announcements are also being sent out through the superintendent and principal’s associations in early August.
  • The Fall WE WANT AS MANY LEADERS and MEMBERS AS POSSIBLE TO ATTEND. This meeting has been combined with the Leadership Workshop. You will be receiving information in August about the workshops. They are scheduled the last week in September and first week of October. Please plan to attend and share with other leaders in your area. You will receive the newest information from the state.
  • State Committees. Most state committees will meet the second week of We have sent the committee members information about the meetings on August 11th.
  • New Officers. As you elect new officers, please let us know in the office as soon as you We will update your website page on our website, plus it is very helpful to know where and when your local meetings are being held. Who knows, I may even drop in to visit.
  • Your Calendar. As you plan your calendar for the coming year, keep the Legislative Brunch as a priority: April 4, 2017 at 9:30. We will need everyone we can manage to bring to the State House on that This is a budget year and we will be pressing very hard for a COLA and increase in the “13th Check” stipend.
  • Great Programs. If you have a particularly great program, tell your neighbor—local president or other officer—about This is one of the many reasons it is a good idea to go to the Fall workshops. You can also get contact information from other leaders in your area
  • Joint Meetings. Ever thought of having a joint meeting with the neighboring local RTA or other community groups? A joint retirement planning meeting?

Please call the office, or email, if you have any questions, need support and/or information. Again thanks for all you do, I look forward to seeing you at the Fall Workshops and your local meetings.

Tom Mellish
Executive Director